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Duc In Altum

I've had a life list for quite a few years, with the earliest iteration being this list of 14 goals on my blog:


Followed by a pretty much abandoned list on 43 Things:


And then a longer life list, explicitly Mighty Girl-inspired, four years later:


So in developing and refining my list for this class, my foci are

  •  Making goals deliverable (ie quantifiable, specific, etc.)
  • Breaking goals into steps and/or sprinkling some "easy" goals into the big "Write A Novel" and "tour Europe"-type goals.

The five goals I've chosen for the next year are:

1) Hire someone to clean the house

I've been meaning to do this for years. In fact, my mother has given it to me for Christmas a couple of times. At this point we can certainly afford it, and my husband is all for it. I keep thinking I need to get the house clean enough to show it to the person who would clean it. I should probably get over that.

2) Outline my second novel

I wrote a YA fantasy novel from 2005-2007 (mostly in 2007). I'm currently in the beginning stages of writing a sort of sequel. This goal may change to "revise my first novel," and I'm hoping that over the course of a year I can do more than outline. But I also know that a new project excites me more than an old project, and that a baby step like outlining will keep me from getting scared or sabotaging myself.

3) Go away for a weekend with my husband

Four and a half years ago I had a premature baby who got meningitis in the NICU and is severely disabled. I haven't been on an adult vacation in over five years.

4) Tell 52 people why I love them

Ideally, one a week. I find it really rewarding to tell people very specifically what they mean to me.

5) Work my way through The Bread Baker's Apprentice

I love to cook and I'd like to be free from store-bought bread. I wanted one goal to be a non-writing project and ideally to be health- or body-oriented. This was the closest one to those qualities that also felt appealing.

About the title and the picture: I love that quote which goes something like "A ship at harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for." (The wording and the attribution varies all over the internet). I also am increasingly engaged in my Catholic faith. So I chose Duc In Altum (Put out into deep water, Luke 5:4) as my title, and for my image I chose a painting that hangs in my living room. It was painted by my grandparents' friend Norman Thomsen, and I choose to believe it depicts a ship leaving harbor.


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