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Dual Wielding warrior

I am trying to redo an old character concept I had a long time ago of a duel wielding mercenary. I have wanted to update her look for a while now as the world I have been working on has evolved over the years. 

so far I like the bottom row better, maybe I need to warm up a bit lol. I am thinking of doing this with a caster type as well.

Did a little tweaking to help pick what I like. I think I like the ones that don't hide so much of what she would be wearing. 

I picked the ones I liked and now I can't decide which one to continue with.. ugh. I think I am drawn to the middle three.

Finally.. took all day because I am sloooow, but my favorite thing to do on a day off! I probably could have pushed further but got tired of looking at it. :D


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