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Dual Wielding Gunslinger

Step one: Start it up!

Upon starting the thumbnail portion of this project I had very little knowldge of what I wanted to make.  I settled on a gunslinger, someone who loves to shoot things.  

Somewhere along the line things got weird and the Male/female went from a western gun-toting dog lover to some alien with a blow torch.  SO, suffice it to say that I did stray a bit.  Working within the confines of an idea may have helped me focus more.  However I think that the ones that I find most intriging are mostly in the bottom row, I began to narrow my focus a bit more and come up with somthings that I found fun.


Concepts Continued: Step 2

I've chosen ones that people have given me the most feedback on and some I found to be more interesting.

My main goal is to come up with a new type of Gunslinger character, but I still haven't decided on male of female.  I would imagine that gender at this point needs to be known, but I'm torn.  (Sketch dump follows) 

Evaluating Thumbs:

Moving on to the Refinment (but not done) stage, I'm also not sure if I'd like the character to be Alien or just plain human  (Cyborg maybe?)

 At this point I think that the character should definitly be a Dual Weilding Gunslinger , but not just with normal bullets.  (Lazers?  Magical bullets?)  The charcter should have a weapon that draws its power from a source on or within the characters body.  The plain white areas on each variation below indicate where I'd like those power sources to originate from.

Refining more:

Each character has thier own style

Left: Gritty, more traditional looking gunslinger.

Mid-Left: Female Gunslinging sorceress!  

Mid-Right: Cyborg/alien/cowboy looking character with guns for hands.  

Right: Pompus highly skilled and style conscious gunslinger.

Any suggestions? thoughts?

If you've come across this image and find you have something interesting and helpful to say please do.




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