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Dual Bands

Festivals usually have a few "top name" bands, but the rest are Indie bands trying to get their name out. Most of the attendees haven't heard of these bands. So, this Indie band's popularity is still small since they mainly perform locally. These two festivals aren't local, so attendees probably not heard of them. The band is more punk rock band, but the festivals emphasize two different styles. One in Seattle is more punk rock, while the one in Tampa is pop/rock. So, the band has played and practiced with this other band many times, so they split up the band. The band normally has a bass guitarist, a lead guitarist, singer, and drummer.

The singer, bass guitarist, along with the recruited lead guitarist, and regular drummer fly out to Seattle with their regular gear. Their bass guitarist is an incredible singer who leans toward more rock style and sometimes sings some of their songs solo, he moves to be the frontman, recruit a lead guitarists and bass, and drummer from the other band. They take the other band's gear. 

They play songs based on the festival, so their punk rock songs play at Seattle festival while more mainline rock songs they play in the Tampa festival. 

They give 20% profits to the recruited band, allowing them to have 80%. To appeal to both audiences, they throw out free t-shirts to the crowd to make the concert more of a show.


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