Drunken Sailor | Skillshare Projects

Angus W.

Creative from Sydney



Drunken Sailor

I started sketching around the theme of a pirate captain drinking the last of his rum. I had some trouble getting the right movement in his back and arm - I wanted to show that his other arm was dangling, limp. In the end I added the hat falling from his head to suggest he had just lurched backwards. 



Into Illustrator:


And the final render from Photoshop:


I felt pretty happy with this as a first attempt and decided to do a second one:


This was my first foray into character illustration and rendering. I have previously attempted such projects in Illustrator but given up trying to add depth and interest to the final design - the tips for locking transparent pixels and working with clipping masks using Illustrator shapes in Photoshop was really helpful to me and I really enjoyed the process. 

Thanks for a great course! 


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