Drunken S

Drunken S - student project

So glad I finally came round to doing this class because I could actually find a purpose for the automatic pen I only bought because I liked the look of it. It has been lying around my art supplies, making me feel guilty but not anymore my friend. It works great with ink so I had to try it with watercolours and really like the effect it has (don't mind the drunken s).


Drunken S - image 1 - student project


I also played around with my chisel edged nib (also something I had been neglecting). Hopefully I will be able to incorporate it into a daily practice routine. I'm working on a few cards for friends and family, so I've got a lot of opportunities to at least practice their names as I did in this example.

Drunken S - image 2 - student project

Lots to improve and experiment with, I am excited to see the changes in my lettering.

Clair S
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