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Ray Mawst

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Drunk Wabbits

Hey Everyone! In my lastest revision I have changed a few things! In an effort to balance the composition out I have increased the size of the words "GOT YOU" and letters in the word "DRUNK". Another way I balanced the composition was by redrawing the words "WOULD BE" and inserting them in the tail of the "R". To lighten the bottom of the composition, I scraped the solid black banner and used two carrots pointing down to move the eye down. This composition is a bit more compact. Thanks for the feedback!


Hey Everyone! I chose a quote from the comedian Mitch Hedberg. He is known for short and random jokes. A quote of his that has stuck with me through the years (since I was maybe about 5, for those who do not know me I do not drink . . .  with the exception of carrot juice) has been, "If carrots got you drunk rabbits would be fucked up". Directly below is my most recent sketch. 

While researching I looked for ways to graphically represent fur, carrots, and drunkness. I am inspired by all types of lettering, so for this project I kind of frankensteined it. I chose to incorporate elements I found in modern lettering as well as examples from the 40s and 50s. 

Below are a few of my type studies before I really dove in and started working with composition.

Above: This is my first relatively tight sketch. Once I had this layout, I knew that I could push it further in my next revision.

Below: With a few more composition sketches and time spent refining the style of each word, I came to this solution. I experimented with adding a border that roughly resembles a bottle of some sort. I thought that the border was a bit constricting and distracting, so for my latest revision I removed the border and brought back a forgotten element from my original sketch. 


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