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Drunk Clown

Okay, I wasn't real happy with the left hand, and I added some more detail. I'm actually going to put this guy in a short, so I'm going to have to animate him. Trying to keep line count to a minimum. But I don't want a bland result, so I added buttons, etc.

Okay, I had a flash of inspiration and gave him a stiletto. So there's that, plus I cleaned up the silheuette. I ended up making the sleeves less baggy, tipping the bottle more, etc.

On to step 3, clean-up and tones. First of all, I was finding that old collar kind of cumbersome, and it didn't work with the top hat. So I did some more resarch, and decided on this bow tie. Then I did clean-up in ToonBoom Studio 8, which is what he'll be animated in. I think shadow's going to be very important to this guy.

Okay, here's the final version with color and effects.


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