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Drumlish Special Reserve

I've been working on a Whiskey label for a while now, and I haven't been very satisfied anything I've made so far, so I thought this class would be the perfect opportunity to refine it.


Usually I'm a really sketch-oriented kind of designer. I use a lot of tracing paper and try to polish my sketches as much as possible before throwing them on the computer and vectorizing.

I decided, rather than staying in my comfort zone, to wing it this time and try my hand at rough sketches to get down the composition and try the single-stroke width letter method.

I liked the bottom right sketch the best, so after that, I got started drawing up my type.

Here's what Drumlish first looked like expanded in keyline mode (which I honestly didn't even know existed- thanks Simon!) before I started adding width.

After some work, I got to a place where I was comfortable with my letterforms. The M gave me a lot of trouble (which I'm still not happy with), and the S did too, of course. Overall, I was pretty happy with how it was looking though.

Fastforward to getting down the rest of the letters for "Special Reserve" "ABV" "PROOF" and "Trademark," all of which I decided to keep in the same style.

I kind of loved tweaking the letters to match the curve rather than using the Warp tool. It always bothered me how it changed the appearance of type. (More keyline!)

Anyway, here's how it's looking so far.

I've still got a lot of work to do. I plan on doing the "Irish Whiskey" script by hand (the script is just a placeholder to make sure that the layout is balanced.

I've learned a ton so far from this class and would love any feedback. Thanks, y'all!

Progress (03/09/14):

Here's some new progress with the label. I added slight serifs on the "Drumlish" text to differentiate it from "Special Reserve."

The "M" on the barrel stands for "Mulligan," the name of the founder.


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