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Drumdee - plan Easy. travel Authentic.

Alex loves to travel, and he doesn’t do it alone. Every year, Alex and and his wife Ingrid take two trips, each time visiting a new country, sometimes two. Ingrid says she spends 50+ hours over 3-4 months scouring the Internet and speaking with travel agents in order to find the best experiences to be had.  So why does this planning take 50+ hours when modern day travel booking is a relatively straightforward process?

Nowadays, a traveler only has to enter a few keywords, and out pops dozens of hotels, tours, and flights that can be confirmed in seconds.  Unfortunately for Alex and Ingrid, and the 11.5 million Americans who travel like them, it isn’t so simple. These 11.5 million travelers want to do more than see the same superficial tourist highlights that everyone else sees. Like Alex and Ingrid, they want to EXPERIENCE the destination. They want to return home with a deep understanding of the place, the people, and its culture. They want to come home thinking, “Wow! That was AMAZING!”

That's where Drumdee comes in. Drumdee is the first online service to exclusively facilitate experience-based, authentic, and/or sustainable travel planning and reservations, for serious travelers like Alex and Ingrid.  By only offering moderated, high quality, thoroughly vetted travel services, users can connect with their experience prior to ever stepping foot in an airport. We connect users to services that are traditionally difficult to find and prearrange, those offered by guides indigenous to the region, making experience-based travel attainable and bookable.

The intelligent system recommends thousands of “Certified Authentic” travel services based upon their specified interests and travel style, resulting in easily arranged, personalized itineraries.  Drumdee grows with our travelers.  The more travelers use Drumdee, defining their likes and interests, the more intelligent the system gets, improving its recommendations, and minimizing the amount of time they must spend searching and filtering out unwanted experiences. By having users select keywords and phrases of interest, we’ll be able to unlock options that travelers didn’t know existed because these options are drawn from the unique relationships we’ve formed on the ground within these countries.   


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