Drown and Drunk

Drown and Drunk - student project

Drown and Drunk - image 1 - student project

I signed up for this class long time ago but I have been procrastinating to finish it because I feared I wouldn't be able to draw something nearly as good. (Also I need to go to the art supply store to buy tools).

The creative process turns out to be very enjoyable. I had a lot of fun thinking about what to draw, drafting up my ideas, and started my FIRST INKING piece! I had a lot of struggle illustrating the water, (esp the running water on different surfaces).  

I purchased the watercolor brush and I mainly used the thinest one (#1) other than the massive black part, which I inked with a thicker brush. The idea is to draw an "Sake Onsen".  

I am really grateful that I took this class. I saw so many great pieces in the projects. I am also glad that I forced myself to finish the project. Since I don't have a scanner. I actually directly inked on my pencil sketches (although Yuko advised against it). As for the final work, I just took a picture with my iPhone and cleaned up the background a little bit.

pencil sketch:

Drown and Drunk - image 2 - student project

finished ink:

Drown and Drunk - image 3 - student project