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Dropping the Hammah

Just started with some sketches and like the way things are going so far. Based on Simon's cautions, I was somewhat hesistant to go with a name with some many letters, but I like the the way it sounded and always enjoy a challenge so we will see how that goes.

I want it to be "strong and powerful" so I am leaning towards the bottom right corner... but I am a sucker for script, so the top center also might work ok.

I'll flesh out those two and see what's what.


Wowzers, thanks for the comments. It's sort of surreal getting comments on your work from someone who's work inspires you so much... but I digress. Here is a work up of a couple different ideas... Still thinking about doing the nails as the H / making them not rise out of the center mass so much.

Sorry about the Photo... Damn lighting.


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