Droplets | Skillshare Projects

Reba Baskett

Nashville Creative




Part one: Creating a Body of Work

I went through my lightroom catalog and I noticed I shoot a lot of macros and I love shooting rain/dew drops on objects. I love the rain and the beautify it provides. This is not a grand project but for the purpose of this class and not having any 'projects' I pulled these together.

Part two: Evaluating the Work

I am very squarly in stage one. I know my gear and I have been shooting for long enough to know how to get the shot I want. I have not progressed to stage two because I have not really started working on projects. I have a hard time coming up with something I want to work on that extensivly. 

Action Steps to move out of this stage:

1. Find something that will get my shooting in projects

2. Find local and online groups that are more project or fine art bases as opposed to plain photo or gear groups.

3.  Still thinking on this and open to ideas.


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