Drop that last 25 lbs and climb a mountain!

After highschool (hello 10 year reunion staring me in the face) I put on about 100 lbs. I went from being athletic and muscular to fat, sedentary and depressed. In the last 18 months or so I have lost 75 lbs and am now fitting into clothing sizes I haven't seen since I was 18 years old.

My newly in shape body has brought me into a world I never would have imagined even when I was a teenager. My husband and I are now learning to climb and we want to go climb mountains together. I feel fantastic but I know if I can lose that last 25 lbs that I'll be able to tackle even more physical accomplishments.

In short form: In 2013 I want to be able to go to my 10 year reunion looking like a million bucks and be able to climb one of the Teton mountains this summer and more long term climb Grand Teton in 2014.

To accomplish my goal I intend to:

  1. Continue my diet and exercise regimine
  2. Join a rock gym
  3. Start keeping detailed body measurements


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