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Drop Cap for my Mom

I'm going to make a drop-cap to give to my mom for Mother's Day. She's really into anything Victorian, so that's the direction I'm starting in with my lettering style.

Out of these 6 initial sketches, I really like the ones in the bottom row the best.

After seeing a lesson in which Jessica shares her sketchbook, I noticed one of her dropcaps for Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass" was a lovely W with some curlicues behind the letter. I really liked this, so I used it as inspiration for a new sketch. Here it is after scanning it in and erasing most of the background:

I feel much more comfortable with this sketch than my previous six.

After creating this as a vector and cleaning up a lot of the lines, here is my final product:

I'm really excited with this, and I know my mom will love it. I've printed and framed it, and put it in the mail for her. I was a bit late in my planning, though, so she won't be getting it until the day after Mother's Day. She's promised to call and tell me when it arrives, so I'm hoping she really enjoys it.


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