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Brian Ott

Artist and Musician



Drop Cap for The Silmarillian

There are a lot directions to go in with the Silmarillion.  The story is so thick and spands thousands of years.  And of course Tolkien put so much importance on language and writting.  It's very fantastical, but very dark and depressing as well.  The characters are ellegent, wealthy and powerful.    

Brainstorming so far:



Eru, Morgoth, the Valar, Elves, Men, Dwarves, Ships, Swans, War, Creation, Song, Choir, Hope, Wolves, Eagles, Jewels and Riches, Light giving Tree, Lakes and Stars, awakening, Power, Faith, Doubt, Life and Death, time, dark and light, the desire to create and the desire to rule


first sketch

this sketch deals mailny with the theme of Trees of Light.  this was honestly the most "obvious" being that the letter "T" look like a tree.  My next sketch will be exploring the theme of music more. 

Sketch 2

critique for both sketches is welcome!


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