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Drop Cap : The Magic Christmas

When choosing a book for my drop cap project, I went with my own personal "classic," a book I've read every Christmas since I was a kid: Francine Pascal's The Magic Christmas. (Yes, this is a Sweet Valley Twins book. Ha!) I spent a lot of time contemplating which elements to focus on (there are so many!), but I ended up opting for one of the aspects of the book that appealed to me the most: the scenery found in the Hidden Kingdom.

The scenery was the focus of my design, but I incorporated what I considered to be the two most important symbols in the book: keys and roses. I used the rose illustration outside of the Hidden Kingdom illustration because it's one of the elements that translates from the Hidden Kingdom into the real world. I used the lock as the castle door to symbolize how it was the keys that lead the twins to the castle (and it was also an important element of getting them back home again). 

Because there were two sets of twins in the book, I really wanted to incorporate something relating to twins, but I didn't want it to be too literal so I chose to use two distinct snowflake designs outside of the P drop cap. Usually if I were creating snowflakes, I would make them all different since that's how they are in real life, but by using just two designs, I allude to the idea of twins: two similar entities that are unique. 

I love how Jessica's drop caps use only two color designs, but I couldn't resist incorporating more colors into my design since they were an important part of the book (especially how the colors go from brighter and more colorful to darker and more drab as the twins neared the castle). 

Here's an image of the books original cover: 


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