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Drop Beats Not Bombs

Hey guys, how's it going. This is what I've got so far. I'd definitely appreciate some feedback and criticism. Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

To Reach Me Personally


A Little History

Jonesin Brand is a streetwear company all about exclusivity and living the quote on quote "life." The name came from my own last name, and how they always say people are always "Keeping up with the Joneses." That's what we're all about. Wearing something that makes you feel unique and special and above everyone else and the b.s. Jonesin Brand puts you on a completely different level of your own. The brand itself has an angry, overly aggressive looking bear as the logo. I chose the bear to pay homage to my California Roots. You'll see the bear in different outfits and disguises throughout all my designs. It's meant to be humorous while also picking fun at existing brands and characters. In a nutshell, Jonesin Brand represnts fun, creativity, and embracing being unique and different. 

Target Market 

Our target market consists primarily of

  • teens
  • young adults
  • hip and trendy old folks
  • anyone who love streetwear, street culture, and are passionate about creativity and having fun.

Reaching Our Peeps

Our market is tech savvy and very active in multiple social media platforms. For this reason we will have an extremely strong online prescence in order to interact with our customers and the potential customers within our target market.

In order to increase interaction between our potential customers and us, we’ll be extremely active on all social media platforms. We’ll constantly update our pages so our customers are up to date with news and company operations and changes. We’ll have a 1-800 number where we can be reached during business hours. We’ll also interact with our customers via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and more. You ask a question, we’ll answer. We want to stress the fact that we’re willing to go above and beyond to keep in contact with our customers. We’ll also announce contests and promotions via social medial platforms so we keep our customers in the know and they’re more inclined to participate. In this day and age, social media is key.

Also, we want to approach stylish people on the streets and ask them in person, what exactly it is they look for in a streetwear company.

  • What marketing techniques do they feel they'd be more inclined to respond to?
  • Do they follow style blogs?
  • What kinds of music do they listen to, mainstream, or underground?


Target Demographic …Specifics

  • Everyone from 14-40 After all, age aint nothin’ but a number.
  • They live everywhere. International up in here. We don’t want to exclude anyone.
  • Anyone who wants to be included can be, but we’re not leaving anyone out. There’s a little something for everyone.
  • Our customers eat fast food, cook for themselves, they’re trendy vegetarians or vegans, they like to eat out, the like to go out and have fun. They like cartoons and animation, underground hip hop, they like concerts, they like sneakers, music videos, documentaries, any sort of creative project, they’re on board.
  • When they think Miley Cyrus they think…. “LOL” Quite the entertainer she is.


Marketing Concept

Jonesin Brand partners with Karmaloop to put on a charity concert meant to accomplish multiple things. With the concert, we’re hoping to...

  • further the popularity of Karmaloop
  • introduce the world to Jonesin Brand
  • reach out to our old customers and introduce ourselves to potential new customers
  • promote creativity over violence and war.


We’ll announce the contest on both the Karmaloop website and social media accounts, as well as the Jonesin Brand site and social media accounts.



Contest Concept

"Drop Beats Not Bombs"


Contestants will be given January and February 2014 to enter this contest. They'll enter either on the Karmaloop website, or the Jonesin Brand website. The winner will be announced March 1st 2014. The winner gets to have a free concert in their city, at a secret location, with underground artists and one well known, surprise guest.


Once the winner is chosen, they’ll receive a $1000 Gift Code to Karmaloop, a set of Beats By Dre and a Fresh Fit Bag from Jonesin Brand equipped with all new fly gear for Spring 2014.


To keep our customers informed, we’ll announce the winner, and the STATE that the winning city is in. This way, people within that state will know they have a chance to attend the free show.


After picking the winner several factors need to be considered before we proceed. We’ll need to

  • Research deeper into the demographics of their specific town.
  • What kind of music does the streetwear community vibe to out there?
  • What’s the weather like there?
  • What’s a good location to have the event?

 After we research, we'll pick the most popular big name artist in that area, and have them appear as the surprise guest at the concert. 


Once we settle on a suitable location, we’ll pick a date for the concert, preferably during spring break. Once we’ve reserved the venue, we’ll start Tweeting, Facebooking and Instagraming about the free concert like crazy. We'll go especially hard on social media the night before so as to get our customers excited, hype, and anxious for the release of the secret location the next day.


The next day we’ll release the location of the event at 12pm exactly. The winner of our contest wil receive a text from us, 15 minutes before the location goes public with

  • the location
  • with a special E-Ticket (see below) that allows the winner and 5 guests automatic entrance and VIP passes to meet the artist and have an exclusive section to watch the show.


Once the location has been released it’ll be a race for everyone to get. First come first serve, and once capacity is reached no one else will be allowed in. 


Once people arrive, we’ll have DJs getting the crowd pumped up for a few sets, and a bar set up in the back to get everyone feeling nice before the surprise guest is revealed. We’ll reach out to partner with alcohol distributors for donations.


All throughout the beginning sets we’ll have people dropping “Style Bombs” (see below) which will essentially be parachuted gift bags filled with stickers and bracelets, t-shirts and even $5 and $10 Karmaloop gift cards.


Lastly, the artist will be revealed and perform (Tyler The Creator for example).


That’ll be the end of an awesome event that promoted both Karmaloop and Jonesin Brand.  All food and drink proceeds will go toward the Creative Capital,

 a nonprofit based in New York that provides “integrated financial and advisory support to artists pursuing adventurous projects in all disciplines” as well as “funding, counsel and career development services to enable a project’s success” (Philanthropedia).

Overall the purpose of this is to provide positive exposure for Karmaloop and Jonesin Brand as well as to promote creativity over violence in all senses.  

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