Drone | Skillshare Projects




I love building skills with different methods, and this seemed like a unique approach to character design.  I have to admit it is extremely different than what I normally would do when drawing, so it didn't come too naturally to me. I started off drawing a post appocolyptic fantasy characters.

I had to experiment to see what brushes I likedThe second sketch seemed more accurate to what the instructor was showing in her videoNext I narrowed it down to the most interesting sketch, I wanted to keep the creature

androgynous, and at first I was even thinking it was a queen

But in the final stages it turned out to be more of a he or sexless

With the finished product I decided that the creature wasn't evil, although gross, the expression seemed like an ancient beast with more ambivalence toward the world than anything else.  Having this understanding with my character I decided to put an old book wash over it to give it that final old time fantasy appeal.


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