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I remember dying, or to be more technically accurate, erased. My ordeal began with my heart seizing during my pre-transfer physical. If you ever suffer a heart attack, I suggest having one in a fully equipped medical facility with three attending physicians surrounding you. One doctor pounded on my chest while a medical technician placed a transparent gas mask on my face. After a few deep breaths of a sickeningly sweet gas, my chest pain receded. A doctor's blurred face appeared inches in front of my transparent gas mask and yelled, "We're taking you to transfer, you'll be fine." I closed my eyes hoping he was right as my world faded to black. I floated weightlessly, no up or down, no sense of time. I heard a beep, in the distance. The sound moved closer, and louder, beep...beep...beep. I awoke lying in a hospital bed looking at the white ceiling of a Medicare room.


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