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Driving to Las Vegas


When thinking of Las Vegas, most refer to the casinos, the shows, the world class restaurants and the shopping.  Actually, the trip holds so much excitement, especially when driving.  We have over 260 days of sun per year, so I wanted to make it an element in the design.


My theme works around a happy couple on their way to get married in a Las Vegas chapel and the sights along the way.


They see a road runner on the side of the highway as well as the desert landscape.  I may add sunglasses to the road runner, just for a bit of whimsy, and make it my stuffed toy. 


As a resident, I love the desert, especially Red Rock Canyon just outside of town.  It has a certain charm, and I wanted to illustrate that in my pattern.  


Of course, the Welcome to Las Vegas sign greets them at the end of their journey. 


I look forward to combining all of these elements to make a really fun design as an offering to tourists.  Thanks Samarra for a super fun class!!!  : )


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