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Driving Mastery

When I was age 16. like many people at that age, i started practicing driving with experienced drivers and got my drivers permit. Then, I got my driver's license. I did not realize how little i knew about driving or car safety. I made 1 huge and critical misjudgment on a very rainy day in spring of my junior year in high school. I did not slow down on a sharp s curve in the road i was driving on.

I hydro-planed and totaled my car while crashing into the bottom of a house.It was a nasty accident and thankfully I and my passenger lived to tell the tale. More importantly was the knowledge gained in the process that I carry with me to this day. I also am a super safe driver ever since and teach others to heed such an example. 

In this picture, I am 18 years old, but you get the idea. I am standing in front of the car I drove during Freshman year of College. Yes, I was a master of the road by then and not the unconscious incompetent young driver of 2 years earlier.  


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