David Stovell

Product designer



Driver safety app

For this assignment I decided to not go with my original idea as I thought it would be more beneficial to start afresh. I watched the first lecture and from that worked on the strategies talked about. I chose a subject at random, one about which I had some experience, but one that I had not had ideas for an app project previously. I chose driver safety as an aspect of this is a bit of a bugbear in our household. Tyres are a very, very important part of a vehicle and their correct maintenance have a direct effect on safety and economics, two big factors in driving.
I started by thinking of an app that held information about your vehicle, that although available elsewhere- in a logbook for example-is a bit of a bind to look for and therefore it is too easy to not be bothered, tyre pressures being one of these pieces of information. I wanted to see if this kernel of an idea could be:

1. Expanded to include other useful maintenance information

2. Include safe driving practices, ‘what to do if’ scenarios, should you stay in a vehicle or get out of a vehicle if you breakdown, what should you do with pets if you breakdown, what should you do in an accident

3. Have any real practical use to a driver (not just be a good idea app but is never used)

I started by posting a questionnaire on Surveymonkey (http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/57TJ7FW) which was a bit of a scatter-gun approach. I wanted to see firstly if safety was a conscious issue with the participant, safety is an issue for all of us but was the driver aware of factors and consequences and how did they prioritise safety verses cost.

I got some results, not as many as I would have liked, and interviewed, face to face, some parents at my daughters school (during the school run) and below are my preliminary findings and project formulation.
I am building an app that will allow drivers to become more aware and active about safe driving, vehicle maintenance and related issues by having necessary, relevant and useful information to hand in one easy to reach place.

Who is the user? Anyone who owns or drives a vehicle including households, fleet and rental vehicles.

Why are they using your product? The product is a one-stop-shop for driver information relating to safe maintenance and driving practices

What benefit does it have for them? As there is information that is easy to access they are more likely to use it, using this information promotes safer driving and possible survivorbility if they find themselves in a dangerous situation

What problem is it solving for them? It does away with searching multiple places, documents, web pages for vital and valuable information by having all this necessary data and guidance in one easy to find and use place.

Why did they pick it up? Because by using it they got a financial reward for a service, cheaper insurance, better price on a hire vehicle etc.

How did they hear about it? From a service provider promoting it,Insurance companies pay out less money to owners of better maintained vehicles and drivers who follow good driving practices.

What’s better? Having information in one place and an incentive to use it is better than having the same information spread about in various documents, books and webpages.

Why are they using it instead of the competition? People are lazy and the simpler we can make a process the better. With this app the driver will feel more connected to a safer driving experience.

When do the use it? When they need to check their tyres, oil, and perform a basic maintenance operation, also if they breakdown, have an accident or need advice.

Where do they use it? Before starting a trip, when filling with petrol/gas, when they break down or have an accident.

How long will they use it for? The maintenance part would be used for the life of the vehicle, this would then change when they change the vehicle for another one. The safer driving part would be for life.

How much value does it bring them? Economically it gets them access to cheaper insurance premiums, vehicle hire etc. The bigger value though is that by maintaining a vehicle increases the chance of avoiding an accident, or surviving an accident, this obviously has emotional connections with a sense of responsibility, empowerment and protection vis a vis the family and children.



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