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Drive to 25 - Marketing my first class!

Oct 4:  Wow.  I hit the magical 25 enrollments!  Frankly I had given up and lost interest... I tried all of the tips, and could not figure out what else to do.  Then today I got that email that this class hit 25!  I had actually published a second class that hit 25 enrollments a couple of days before this one did.  Same tactics used for both...  Could be topic, or cover photo, or the phase of the moon.  In any case - I am working on class #3!  Wish me luck - and Good Luck to you as well!!

Sept 10:  Stalled at 23 enrollments.  I have spammed my family and friends enough I think...  I am working on a 2nd class now though... maybe that one will have more appeal and get 25 enrollments.  Now I know to start marketing it as soon as I hit Publish - that's something!

Sept 8:  I only need 2 enrollments to get to 25!  I am going to do another email plea to some friends this morning...   I do have 5 positive reviews - that is really exciting when you get a new review!  It feels like a really long time - but actually my class has only been live for a week and a half (published on Aug 29).  So even with my very small personal social network I am building my enrollments.  

Sept 7:  20!  Slow but sure.  This weekend I 'took to the streets'... well, to my neighborhood... I took the spiced nuts that I made during the class to a neighbor's house and shared them with their family... gave them all the info on how to enroll in the class and get the recipes... No takeup yet - but it was a holiday weekend...

Sept 4:  I am up to 18 enrollments!  (OK - #18 was my husband haha.)  I did not get any traction from my two Pinterest items.  I have just posted to my personal Facebook again.  The first time I just told my friends about Skillshare, and asked them to check out my class.  This time I said 'I am just a few enrollments away from my goal of 25...'  Hoping that will encourage some of them to take the action and help me out.  AND... since it's a rainy Labor Day weekend in Florida, hopefully more people will be spending time online... :-).  Happy Labor Day everyone!

Sept 1:  I have 13 enrollments.  Looking at the Discussion boards I don't see a lot of 'discussions' or people answering questions or giving advice, just saying 'enroll in my class and I will enroll in yours'.  It's quite annoying actually.  I have not done that... maybe that is why I am not getting faster enrollment...

My class link:

I published my class on Aug 29. Today is Aug 31 and I have 8 enrolled students.  Only 17 to go!

I had initially set my class as Premium, and created a Free Link.  After watching this course, I changed my class to Free.  I have a very small personal social network - so I took the advice to make the class free to try to garner more organic growth from the Skillshare community.

On Aug 30 I put a post with a link on my personal Facebook page.  As I only have 36 friends that is not going to get me very far!  (Who really has 482 'friends'?)

On Aug 31 I uploaded a picture and a link to one of my Pinterest boards.  I have two food related Pinterest boards - the one I uploaded to today has 39 followers.  I used a photo out of the course that I thought would appeal to these followers.  Tomorrow I will upload another picture and link to my other food related board, which has 25 followers.  I am sure some of the same people follow both boards, so I don't want to spam them by uploading to both boards today.  I'll let you know if I get any re-pins or up-tick in enrollments!



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