Drive-through town

Drive-through town - student project

Hey Scott, really enjoyed the class. Hard af, at first, but real satisfying once you get the hang of it. 

I decide to make a drive-through town with an office building for the 9-5-ers, a not-so-reliable bank and a cult house. I also started making the middle road divider in a dash line matter but found it awfully tedious to keep drawing measure lines to the diagonal. Is there a faster way cus I couldn't figure out how to apply the same method as in the doors-on-the-warehouse method, if that's the way to go? Also found that the road looks a bit wonky the way it just tapers off in to the horizon, but I guess that's what you get when working with a completely flat surface or could you perhaps move the central vanishing point to get the illusion of a "bend", so to speak?

Anyhow, will be taking your other classes on the subject in the future so, catchyas 

Drive-through town - image 1 - student project