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Sebastiaan Destellirer

Graphic Designer, Teacher



Drinking glass on paper coaster

2nd Post (2016-01-03)

I added a hemi light to light up the scene a bid, but still the output render is quite dark, so again I used "levels" correction in photoshop.
This render is made at full resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixels. Render time was 40 minutes :(
(45 samples)

Next step for me will be, adding a print onto the coaster, and maybe a more rough surface.

- HR Image, corrected (levels)
- HR Image (output from blender)
- Screenshot of finished render




1st Post (2016-01-03)

Hi All,

What a great introductionary course.
I learned a lot, from this one and the Cola Botle course.
I never used blender before, and attached you can see my first result.
It is far from perfect, but for a first time use of blender, I really am happy with the results.

This image is rendered at 50% dimensions (960 x 540 px) and took aproxiamatly 12 minutes to render.
(45 samples used)
I did not use the node editor for the materials, I just did something :)

- Image adjusted in photoshop to make it lighter (used levels)
- Original output render (it is to dark)
- Screenshot of my scene in Wireframe
- Screenshot of my scene in texture preview






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