Drink Up

Drink Up - student project

I am using illustrator for the first time. So I want to begin with a simple ad. 

Drink Up - image 1 - student project

Okay so it took me a pretty long time to start. I had almost given up to even start on building it. But the fact that this is a class just motivated me. 

I have gone through the Form Building videos and prepared the form for my ad. I will watch the Part 2 videos and finish up on my project.

But after going through the form building part of this class I am left wondering, if I were to prepare an ad on my own (some day), how will I get the visual of the shape/proportions? What would be the process for that? I mean this is all good for getting to know Illustrator but what if I decide to get it on with Illustrator ;) and use my own imagination/ideas to create something....?

That is something I am wondering about...

meanwhile here is my progress...

Drink Up - image 2 - student project

next update shall contain Textures and gradients and the type heading.

Finally gone through all the lessons. Off all things I am a better student now. here is how it all looks

Drink Up - image 3 - student project

It has been fascinating learning about Illustrator. Always wanted to, but without this class I would have never even started.

I have learned what my shortcomings here and which areas need more practice.

The ad allowed use of all tools for the different forms. Getting smooth curves with the pen tool will need a lot of practice or learning the right way. Hell..I can sketch better curves than what I can achieve with the pen tool.

Other tools were fairly easy. Blob tool came in handy for the dots below his eye-glass. Pathfinder for the jacket. Shapebuilder and ellipse tool for the fingers. Strokes and lines for hair and the eye. 

In short everything taught in the tutorial came in very handy.

I do however find the Gradient tool either has limitations or my knowledge of it is. There was a specific problem with it which I couldn't find the solution for.

I would have liked bit more info on using textures and trimming them for use across the whole artboard.

But the reason I enrolled in the class was to give myself a push. Just to start things off. And it worked. 

I must add it has also been interesting to look at other's works.

So thank you for stopping by. Maybe we can have a challenge among ourselves to try new ads that both can re-create in fixed time. That would be fun.

Other than that I feel Brad should put up another class that deals with the creative process, where we can create our own ads. 

and as my poster says Drink Up! 

thank you friends!