Drink Up Printable Ad

Drink Up Printable Ad - student project

Drink Up Printable Ad - image 1 - student projectI chose this above ad mostly because it was pretty simple.

I really enjoyed this project. This was my first ever AI project. Before I had experimented with tools but found AI to be complicated to actually do anything...

Most helpful ! I could actually create something and found it to be super easy. There are still here and there things I don't know yet. Like to add texture, sure it was shown in the video, but honestly didn't notice it until after completion. Also didn't fit the entire ad on the artboard, but a bit out of the stubbornness to work on an A4.

Overall I was really satisfied with everything I learnt. I could also navigate to find things that weren't shown in the video pretty easily. Like when I did the hair I had a little hiccup and didn't know how to do it, until after some experimentation (And easily did it with the "Draw inside" tool) super helpful ! 

Here's my work beneath:

Drink Up Printable Ad - image 2 - student project