Drills - student project

I love the drills and I need so much practice!  I can draw fairly steady lines horizontally (because I'm used to that motion in writing, I suppose) but I get very wobbly trying to pull down towards me.  The most wobbly lines you'll see are those where I try to pull towards me.

Drills - image 1 - student project


painting a shape and then trying to draw close lines around it is difficult!  Especially the circles.  Oh my word, do I need practice with control


Drills - image 2 - student project


Filled basic shapes first, working on keeping in my pencil lines.  Then after it dried, I worked on getting as close as I could with another color without bumping into the original shape.   All of these were using up paints on my palette from a few different things so, it's random.


Drills - image 3 - student project