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Dried Wedding Bouquet

I'm currently in the middle of moving, so I didn't have so much media to work with for an impromptu photo shoot.

One thing I did have was my bouquet from my wedding (just over a month ago), still hanging on the floor lamp in the corner of our apartment. Using some basic aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and lighting skills I learned in Brit + Co.'s DSLR Photography for Bloggers (also on Skillshare), I took the following photo of the bouquet:


After using Lightroom to process the photograph: 


What I did:

In Lightroom, I started with a little bit of tweaking in the Basic section, increasing temperature and decreasing tint for a more antique effect. Everything else looked pretty good, and I was eager to check out the Tone Curve section, so I headed over there next.

In Tone Curve I did some minor tweaks, primarily decreasing highlights, lights, and darks, while increasing shadows. All these changes were relatively small; the original picture had some nice contrast already, so only minor tweaking was necessary.

In HSL/Color/B&W, I had a little bit of fun. Here I worked with the purples to bring out a more blue-y tint to the violets and made the leaves a more saturated and luminous green. I tried messing with the oranges a bit, but realized I liked the color of the dried white flowers in the original photograph, so changed them back to match those as closely as possible.

I then skipped to Detail. Here I did a lot of sharpening, adding back some detail and adding some masking to clean it all up. This was nice since I didn't have a tripod setup when taking the shot, which would otherwise have given me a sharp image in the original image.

I then went over to Spot Removal for some touch-ups. I was able to remove most of the dirt and leaf waste on the tile, giving the photo a more clean feel. Getting closer!

Finally, in Effects, I added some post-crop vignetting, going along with the antique theme that I wanted to bring through in the photograph. That made the flowers really pop nicely!

Overall, I am very pleased with this class, and feel like it was a very practical intro to using Lightroom. In the future, I'd like to refine my skills a little more (check out that green wall below the tile... maybe could have done a graduated filter?).

Either way, definitely feel more confident navigating Lightroom and acheiving the effect I want. Many thanks, Lotus! Keep the classes coming!



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