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Drew Fansler - Purveyor of Fine Vectors

As hand-lettering is a celebration of doing things the way they used to be, I wanted to create something that would be at home in enamel and gold foil lettering in a shop window or a frosted glass windowpane on an oak office door.

From Fender to Faust, inspiration came from everywhere. I used several different mediums until I settled on my Tombow brush pen. Then I brought it into Illustrator where I fine-tuned the letterforms, and a few filter sets later, here we are:


'Pixel-pusher' is a nickname well-traveled, but my favorite app has always been Illustrator, and I wanted something that celebrated making things the old-fashioned way, and that's how I arrived first at Vector Smith and finally Purveyor of Fine Vectors.


Thanks for stopping by. Hope I made it worth your while.




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