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Dressmaker's tools

I'm trained as a costume designer so I originally thought I would do the tools for a costume designer. This idea didn't work out as I had hoped since there were so many different kinds of tools from which to choose. I found I needed to narrow down my theme a bit. After a bit of googling and sketching, I decided to do the tools a dressmaker takes into a fitting as my narrowed theme.

Here's the initial brainstorm for the dressmaker's tools:


As you can see, I ended up with more than five objects to use in my composition. I played around with a few different combinations in my sketches until I found the combination I liked.


I ended up using the drawing on the left as my guide. I'm quite a newbie at Photoshop, but I had some fun playing with the pen tool to get the basic shapes in. It's a bit rough in places, but overall this was a fun new process to learn. Here's the basic shape and color blocking minus the pins (I decided to wait on those even though I wanted to digitally draw the spherical tops since I wanted to hand draw the pins and didn't quite know where they would end up).


And one example of my ink work:


I decided to go in stages with merging the digital and analogue so as to not get overwhelmed with the various pieces and number of layers. I started by getting all of the basic details in place and held off on any shading and extra bits. I also started playing around with a background color and ended up with two options:



Next came the shading and extra bits. I had to push myself here because I really wanted to play it safe and subtle. I think I got some good punch on the pencil and grey spool of thread, but I'm not sure if I could push it a bit more in other places without the composition become too busy.


I ended up with the beige backgroup because I thought it let the elements pop a bit more. But I'm not completely sold yet. 

This project was a lot of fun. Almost everything except the hand drawing was a new skill. If you all have any feedback, I'd love to hear it.


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