Dressing like a 32 year old for once

Dressing like a 32 year old for once - student project

I didn't find anywhere to weigh myself yet but my sizes are from the guy in M&S are

  • Neck 15"
  • Sleeve 36"
  • Chest 39" (used to be 40" so I will double check when shopping)
  • Waist 36" (have fit comfortably into 34" many times)
  • Leg 31"

I spoke to a local tailor about making any adjustments. I believe been really tall and really skinny they will all need to be taken in a bit. M&S actually have a range called 'autograph' that actually have a skinnier waist already.

Slightly befond the scope of this part of the course I know but I looked into how to find the right colour. (I 've been told I look I'll wearing white so I should avoid it and wanted to know what to wear!) I have yellow undertones in my skin tone and my viens have a green hint to them this (appartently) means warm colour suit me! Anything with a yellow undertone. I've been told before by ladies (they have a better eye for this right) that warm orange, red or green suites me. This is some colour chart I found for me.
Dressing like a 32 year old for once - image 1 - student project
So I'm going to try a couple of these colours out and see how I look. I've alwasy been told I look good in black, but it looks a little boring so I'll jazz it up with some of these. Apparently been tall rules out any colour ules but I'm going to keep them in mind anyway.

I'm really tall and skiny so I need to break the colour up a bit. Yesterday I was wearing blue shoes, jeans and t-shirt and I must have looked like a masive smurf. Vertcal stripes. anythign that gets that V shape like an open jacket. Square ended shoes. Anything that covers the neck a bit too. Wide ties. Belt. All stuff to keep in mind.

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