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Amanda Wolpink

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Dress with maxi-length bottom

Hi all! I am Amanda. I'm a beginner... and have only ever made a skirt (didn't fit) and a pair of pajama pants. This is something quite new. Can't wait to get started. 

I chose my fabric. It's dark with butterfly print. (I live in a fairly rural area, so I didn't have a lot of choices). I also bought a black fabric to do the top part of the dress with (since the fabric store had a max of 4 yards).

Trying this new design:

Possible new front... Higher neckline... 

Old front - starting to drape:

I have tailor's chalk from the 1960s. Hope it still works! 

Here are my initial sketches.

The old front. I don't know if I like it or not. When I cut the fabric, it made the top look huge.... so that's when I redesigned the top. (I am a bit busty... 38DD... :/)

I am a messy cutter:


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