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Dreary-ish Day

July 13

There were things I could not draw or differentiate and my day is still somewhat representative, but less depressing sounding. 

New order of referents: 

wake up  ++  take medicine  ++  drink coffee  ++  back to bed to read/internet  ++  pet cat bellies  ++  feed cats  ++  eat breakfast  ++  review to-do list  ++  study  ++  clean  ++  get distracted  ++  look out window  ++  loung on sofa  ++  cat bellies again  ++  eat supper  ++  watch tv  ++  do crossword  ++  review to-do list  ++  shower  ++  go to bed

  • hoping illustrator will help me improve the sketches or figure out a new way to include an activity
  • haven't decided yet between 2 medicine sketches
  • or between 2 cat sketches 
  • particularly ambivalent about feed cats, and look out window
  • think back to bed, lounge on sofa, cat bellies could use much improvement 
  • thinking about including an image on the tv screen


The days didn't seem quite so bad until I made this list. I can see how this could be an interesting project to repeat at intervals. I'm curious how much will change just because I can't make good visuals.


  • wrap up in blankets is sort of hiding, a warm, cozy way of postponing the day.
  • review to-dos is a serious activity in my days (since I never to-do the list items, it just grooooows, and looms large.
  • stare out bay window is not exactly what I do, but the framed SF view is very homey and since I too am quite homey, it seems like a correct inclusion.
  • feel numb is a little dramatic, but there is a feeling at the end of another day that got away that is kind of like that. and I think it could be rendered fairly easily.


  • ably representing become restless and visit w/fella
  • adequately differentiating between feel numb and think/worry
  • creating a cohesive set style between all symbols
  • getting too maudlin. I don't feel as bad as I think this list seems, but it is an accurate daily digest       [it could just be repeating symbols for coffee and tv and medicine and cats and distractions and to-dos. darn, not a neat factor of 20.]
  • my computer seems conspicuously absent. I practically have it holstered to my torso for the entirety of events, but it's not really the event. or it could be.


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