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Annika Olsson Pedersen

"Be inspired by what you create"



Dreamy days in the hammock


I love lazy days, where you get to reflect on life, read a book and just be. Since mornings and evening are the times where I feel the most inspired to do so, I would like the mood of these times to be present throughout the patterns.
I am always inspired by muted colors, old botanical illustrations and vintage lace, and I want these to be the base for my sketches. I also think that these things will emphasize the dreamy and magical state, one can reach, when you really close off the outside world, to just be present in your own little space.




I worked very much back and forth with my sketches and I actually didn't incorporate all my sketches. I feel like this could turn into a collection and espesially my sketch with the pattern on the flower(above pic), I feel needs to have it's own design, because there is so much to that one sketch. 

Anyway, this pattern is very light and dreamy, and I think it's a good hero pattern for the collection. When I finish some of the others, I will update the project here. I hope you like it :-)






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