Tochi Galdiano

Graphic designer + illustrator




I took both of Martina's class, so instead of working with my name, I drew a quote from Harry Potter.

"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live."

I decided I was just going to use the first part, since it's too long for a postcard (for the other class), and also  Ds are always difficult for me to write, so this sentence was just perfect practice.
Using my own handwriting proved to be extremely useful and it came out looking rather unique --oposite of copying someone else's script.

Here's the script and sketching process:


This excercise of writing the same word again and again was super usefull. After my first couple of attempts, I already started seeing good things to keep exploring and the bad things I wanted to improve.

After doing 3 sheets of this, I combined the best parts of all of the scripted words and worked on them to be a cohesive piece:


I did the same process with the word DREAMS and then drew the entire thing again to make both words work together


Then I scanned it, created A LOT of guides and drew it with the pen tool.

This is the final result:



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