Dreams - student project

I decided to write about dreams in a period where we are all facing a lot of uncertainty. I wanted to write about my hopes of a better future for myself and humanity. During confinement, I started reconnecting with my creative self and giving life again to my inner child. So it seemed pertinent to write poetry about dreams as I feel they be vital in the years to come. These are my first attempts at writing poetry and I have to admit, I loved it!
Feel free to share your feedback :)


A few small noticings (many did not come out in the poems):

  • My inner child stopped dreaming and creating because he was silenced by the system
  • We are afraid to dream because we are afraid of what we are capable of
  • If we could all see our light within, there would be no darkness without
  • When all certainties are dissolved, you can create the life of your dreams
  • Dreaming is letting go the known, to welcome who we were born to be,
  • Moonlight guides us in the darkness and gives life to our dreams
  • The sun starts each day, taking our dreams into reality and shedding away the shadows
  • Our dreams bloom like flowers during spring
  • God, the creative energy of the world, creates its dreams through us
  • The flow of water brings you towards the right direction where you were meant to go
  • Confinement is nurturing our deepest dreams and helping us reconnect with ourselves


A few literary tools I used. I tried to explore different ways of structuring my poems. I like giving them rhythm with these tools and keeping them quite short.

  • Rhymes
  • Enjamming
  • Repetition
  • Structure
  • Sounds


If I would take write a book of poems: I honestly think it is possible and I am very surprised by this realization. I never thought about writing poetry that much, but I find it is a form of creative expression that really lets me express my soul through a few words.




Soulful energy, 
For long nights, 
Starved from the light, 
But today,
You arise again,
When the shadow dies, 
Giving life,
To the blooming flower, 
That was hidden, 




Inner child, 
Welcome home, 
To where you were born,
To illuminate my dreams, 
And shed away my tears, 
For it has been far too long,
Since you were gone.
I pulled you out of darkness, 
Fought the rules, 
Silenced the adult,
Broke the conventions,
To open my heart again, 
Welcome home,
Inner child.




As I await in the night, I wonder, 
Will life ever be back to normal, 
Without a doubt, it won't, 
We are now living in a time, 
Where the moon gives life, 
To our deepest, unearthed dreams, 
In the darkness, its light,
Shows us the way out,
And guides us in the shadows,
So that strengthened, 
By its divine energy, 
We can go forth, 
Towards a future,
Filled with moonlight.  



Your Time

You were born for these times, 
It is not fear that blocks you, 
Because you are ready,
To carry light into the world,
To bring love to the child, 
To the lost souls, the forgotten ones, 
Taken from innocence,
Cast away in ignorance,
So step forth, out of silence,
Let go the known,
And welcome, 
He, who you were meant to be.



New Day

Like the rising sun,
Out of darkness I arise,
Mysterious light,
Beginning each day, 
And unfolding dreams.

In the chambers of my soul,
I lose myself on the page, 
As the sun reminds me of my role, 
A mere vessel for the divine, 
Emerging through these lines.

With each new sun, 
Into this human body, 
I am born again, 
To express its will.