Dreams of a Future Cultural Resource Manager and Archaeologist

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This year I decided I wanted to start working towards the life I've always wanted for myself.  I'm a shy, anxious person, so it's not easy for me to let myself dream big; failures and embarrassment stick with me for a long, long time.  Well, Self, I want to fail and be embarrassed and get over that because dreaming big is worth it.  I'm a reticient, silly scientist who loves comics, science fiction and fantasy, libraries and archaeology.

Here's five things I've got floating in my head so far:

1.  Do something that encourages kids, especially young girls, to love science.
    Currently I’m putting together a book about lesser-known scientists and artists who impacted technology and science.  I’d also love to work, even as briefly as for the summer, for Mad Science and Inside the Outdoors.

2.  Visit 100 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
    I’m especially interested in the ones located in the Americas, due to research interests, and in China, due to my heritage.  Well, half of my heritage.  

3.  Visit at least 50 museums sites in my lifetime.  I would LOVE to visit museums relevant my research interests (ethnoecology of Pacific NW indigenous peoples).  I’ve been to many of the larger local museums (LA Natural History, various memorial museums such as the Museum of Tolerance, novelty museums, etc.), so now I have to trek further to see something new.  Roadtrip time?

4.  Keep a travel journal while I do the above two goals, and perhaps one day publish a couple articles about my adventures.
    Did you know that “adventuress,” unlike adventurer, has a negative connotation?  This has always bothered me, especially when I see people discuss female wanderers as “adventuresses,” undoubtedly because they have no idea that its definition is not the same as adventurer.

5.  Host (and judge?) a paying writing contest for new science fiction and fantasy writers.   I’d love for it to become an annual competition, with a new theme every year.


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