Dreams of Ýdalir

Dreams of Ýdalir  - student project

Fawn is a nineteen-year-old orphaned girl, living in the not too distant past. When she begins having strange dreams of a flame –haired woman named Elen who appears to be part human, part deer and Wuldor, a dark-haired man who gifts her with a magical deer mask that allows her to travel to other worlds, she believes she has the resources she needs to finally find her fey-touched mother. As her relationship with these mythical beings deepen, she is gifted with their divine stories and learns her true origins. Where Norse Mythology and Mists of Avalon meet, this is a story, in journal format, of magic, passion, love, and the human condition, and of fundamental truths spoken by the gods themselves to help us understand our own place in the cosmos.

Dreams of Ýdalir  - image 1 - student project