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Dreams and Imagination

This is My Final Work.  Thank you class mates for the inspiration when sharing your projects and thank you Erla, once again, for the class and challenge! 


14 day challenge: Mixed media artwork based on your inspiration

Hi Erla and fellow classmates.

I am so thrilled Erla is giving us a change to do this challenge, just what I need to get things done!

The Concept:

I did the Super-Cowboy in previous class and I plan on making another artwork within the same concept. This time, the girl.  Stereotypical Image, the princess and a ballerina.  (Last Artwork was the boy, superman and a cowboy)

My daughter is an inspiration to me in this project, because she is this type, the princess and the ballerina.  But that does not define her.  She isn´t a ballerina or a princess, just a normal happy girl with dreams and imagination. Something that hold hands through your whole life.

These are the photos that inspired me for this project. The everyday-girl in her raincoat or at the frozen pond, like a ballerina, the other two more dreamy.


Here below is my drawing and color-pallette.  I used the pink in the background for the boy so I will try a mild tone of blue for the background of the ballerina.  I have her wearing a raincoat and boots, not ballet shoes to make her more of a carefree kid, who is just out playing and having fun with her imagination.  




Thank you Erla for taking the time and make this class, it was a fun challenge. 

This taught me how little I know and how much there is to learn.  All the brushes and settings are something I want to dig deeper into.

I will also from now on keep my eyes open for nice texture in the environment to take pictures of and make a special folder to collect it in.

I used a photo I took of a young boy.  It represents the stereotypical dream of young boys wanting to be a superhero and even better, a superhero-cowboy.

I made this project with a pink background, pink being a "girlie" colour,a symbol for the softer side of men they often are not allowed to show or those who are working on their self-image and even sexual identity. 

I also made an orange background for a more neutral image. 




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