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Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do

I wanted to choose a quote that would be motivational and goal-oriented...something that may resonate with my students. I ultimately decided on "Dreams don't work unless you do" because I felt it had a greater number of potential visual metaphors that I could use to embellish the design. Other quotes I considered were:

  • Common sense is not so common.
  • Excuses are for people who don't want it bad enough.
  • Dwell in possibility.


Visual inspiration for my project can be viewed on my pinterest board, 


So I started working on some options for "dreams" and got a bit carried away. This is my first layout. It most likely will not my final design, but I wanted to share.

Thumbnail Layouts
Below are some thumbnail sketches. I'm not in love with any. I will need to sleep on it and do more sketches. I like the idea of having the type contained in some way.

More thumbnails

Full-size Rough
Finally working on the full-size layout. Just focusing on letterforms and proportions. Hoping to ink and add details tomorrow. 

Final inked type brought into Adobe Illustrator. I still need to incorporate the smaller illustrations.

More refinements
Playing with color. I don't like thow I handled "don't" in earier versions, so I just omitted it from the composition until I get some epithany. Suggestions are alwasy welcomed.

12.29.13 Progress
I fixed the "dont." I choose to place it in a banner since I felt like it was just floating when it was on its own. I also enlarged "you do." Is it done? Not sure. I need to let it sit a day.


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