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Tyler Castro




Dreams Do Come True - An Arizona Brand

                                             "Vision without action is daydreaming" - Paul Rodriguez


NAME: Dreams Do Come True  - An Arizona Brand

LOCATION: Arizona 


SLOGAN: Arizona Influenced. Proven Global Appeal.

MISSION: We speak for the Dreamers of Arizona- We speak to the Dreamers of the  World.

Re-defining Arizona as a new land of opportunity, filled with culture and positive vibes. A Brand that will be recognized accross the world. Giving natives and visitors alike a sense of importance, as well as the inspiration to follow their Dreams.


  • Action - Take Action 
  • Inspire - Inspire those willing to be inspired 
  • Respect - Respect as you wish to be repected

"We breathe A.I.R." 

Our WHY:  Dreams Do Come True - One can say "chasing your dream" is cliche. The truth is Dreams never die,  so we do this for those that keep them alive. Many talk and think about how amazing it would be if their Dreams really did come true.... but the reality is not nearly as many act on them. We hope to improve those numbers. This Brand does not just want to sell clothes. This Brand not only INSPIRES people to chase their Dreams but will be PROOF that Dreams Do Come True.

ARIZONA in a nutshell: To be blunt.... Arizona seems to have a bad reputation or even worse, no reputation at all. If your from here, you know what I mean, you also know this should not be the case. The talent mixed with the drive is the perfect combonation for opportunity & greatness. This Brand is pushing to be the driving force that helps lift Arizona from the dirt and into the sky. The Fahsion and Entertainment scene is growing fast, we openly support anyone pushing the same message we are. Team work makes the Dream work. Dreams Do Come True.

"Im going to have Arizona feeling like NY when im through with it" - Tyler Castro (Founder)

"We are on a mission to open the worlds eyes(including many of our own) as to what we really bring to the table" - Tyler Castro (Founder)



*We wanted our word mark to be different and thought provoking, while remaining an easy read. The font gives off that rugged feel, similar to Arizona. We also used our icon for Brand recognition, we believe that will be a staple for us. No pun intended :)




*Our Icon is a Hot Air Balloon, it really stands for so many different things. The experience of riding in one is like nothing else you can compare, not sky diving, bungee jumping, hang gliding, or even an air plane. The balloon leaves you suspended thousands of feet and rising, you have no protection, no where to go, only time and a beautiful view. Just like chasing your biggest dreams, you have fear, excitement, build up, and reflection. Arizona is widely known for their balloon enthusiasts, events occur here quite often and thanks to the sunsets/sunrises, you get to enjoy an amazing view. Hot Air Balloons are also very popular in not just other states but countries as well. In France this year, they broke the record for most balloons taking off at one time! :) Dreams Do Come True, one Hot Air Balloon at a time. It also inspired the lifestyle our brand represents, BALLOON LIFE, which means to Always Rise Above, no matter what the obsticale in life might be, you must rise above and keep moving towards your goals/dreams.



*A basic version of our official logo, putting our word mark and icon together to keep things recognizable. We are currently working on a few different logos and those will be launched at a later time.  


Fall/Winter '13 Collection

 An Army of Dreams: Representing all the dreams being acted on at any given moment.   As well as the army we would like to build behind our brand.

Thoughts behind the collection: We wanted to make sure we stayed very branded, true to our name and our roots. Our designs are original, being sketched up by me (Tyler Castro) and turned digital with the help of our head designer Colton Barry. We wanted to showcase our abilitys to really put together a full scale collection with great design work and attention to detail. Not being able to go as big as we wanted in terms of quanity and promotion were just a couple things we had to learn to deal with out but very proud of what we were able to do as a brand with this collection.



Tempe Dreams Tee - $20 / Camo Balloon Tee - $22 / Dreamcatcher Tee - $22 / Logo Patch Snapbacks - $20 / Logo Patch Beanies - $20 / Camo Balloon Crew - $40 / Space Balloon Hoody - $45

Midway through the first season we also introduced our first piece for the ladies and new colorway in the Dreamcatcher Tee.


Our first major sponsor collaboration with hip hop artist Futuristic, who is from our home state of Arizona. The man is on a mission, just dropped his latest EP "Chasing Down A Dream" and now on his first major country wide tour. We are very happy to be working with him and we launched a huge promotion to announce our collab.

Launched our website.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/ddctclothing

Instagram: @ddct_clothing

Twitter & Youtube coming soon.

We have amazing sunsets, this was our muse behind a specific colorway from this season. 


Tempe, AZ



Promotional Graphics:

A look into SPRING 2014 and the Kickstarter Project we are using to fund it, coming very soon........


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