Dreams & Action Must Be Woven Together | Skillshare Projects

Rhianna Wurman

Illustrator and Lettering Artist



Dreams & Action Must Be Woven Together

I jotted this phrase down a while back in one of my sketchbooks and have wanted to letter/illustrate it ever since. The quote I thought of is:

"Dreams & Action Must Be Woven Together"

It just came to me out of thin air, so I penned it hoping it would give me some inspiration and hopefully others if I design it for a print. Basically it was formed from thinking that we can dream all we want about what we want to happen, but if don't get out there and make things happen to achieve it, then those dreams will never come to fruition.

My brainstorm list...

I'm a huge space fan, so I always revert to it in my thinking. Dreams took me right to space. The word "woven" was reminding me of vintage looms and sewing packaging. The more I started thinking about the word, it reminded me of a spider weaving a web...just spinning away. I want to convey the contrast between dreaming and action without it being too drastic. Somehow it will all come together :)

I found a lot of really great imagery to get me thinking creatively and helping me pin down my color scheme.


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