Dreaming of Sally Love

At the moment I am studying full time at uni, so I thought of using one of my draft concpet images for a scene in a 3D animated short we are starting this year. 

Story synopsis:

Walden is an aspiring young actor who has always wanted to work with or at least meet the famous ‘Sally Love'(working title), his celebrity crush. An opportunity passes by for a role in a movie that stars Sally and so Walden decides to take this audition. 

We are having one character, Walden, and he is a clumsy, goofy loving kind of guy, with big dreams. This scene is just an idea of what might happen when he is in the waiting room for the audition. Waiting nervously for his name to be called, he opens his diary to where he has postcard images of his 'some day dreams.' -Characters motivation. 

I started out with a sketch in my head, and went from there. 


I was thinking of a shot of Walden looking down to his lap, opening his diary and admiring the photograph in his hand. 

I still need to clean up the final image, and I will soon. 

the only thing I have been able to change recently is the hollywood postcard, and adding some worn effects on the photograph :) 

semi-final edit


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