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Once upon a time... there was a young boy who fell asleep and couldn't wake up. 

and every day... his loving father took care of him in the hostpital. 

Until one day... a mysterious man approached the father and said, that he can help wake the boy up. The only thing father had to do is to take two silver keys and fall asleep. The mysterious man said, that the father will have to find his son in the dreams and tell him that he needs to wake up.

And because of that... the father took the keys and fell asleep. He entered the boy's dream and started to look for him. He found out that the boy is a king and rules the dream lands. The boy was a dreadful king, angry with everyone. 

And because of that... the boy wanted to kill his father, because the boy didn't want to leave his kingdom. The boy took his father to a dungeon. The mysterious man appered again and set the father free. 

Until finally... both the father and the mysterious man managed to get to the king's chambers and catch the king. The boy recognized his father and cried. He wanted to go home again. The mysterious man said that they're ready to go, the only thing they have to do is to take the silver keys and say the magic words: "It's morning already". It turned out that the father has lost one of the keys in the dungeons. The father decided to give his key to his son and stay in the dream lands forever. The son woke up and the father stayed asleep.

And ever since that day... the boy took care of his father in the hospital.


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