Dream with Epiclist

Dream with Epiclist - student project

Dream with Epiclist - image 1 - student project

I´ve always been in love with adventure, travelling, sports and outdoors and I´ve always wanted to create something, which would inspire people to follow their passions and live their life to the fullest! 

We all have dreams, desires and things we want to do or achieve in our live, like go backpacking in New Zealand, do a roadtrip across California, run a marathon or becoming really good at surfing! I call it the "lifestyle code". But the research showed that the reality looks quite frustrating:

85 % of people are only dreaming, rather then acting on their dreams. 

15 % are acting, using fragmented platforms to plan, journal and share their actions. 

50 % would achieve more, if they act together with a goalminded person. 

So I got some friends together and we´ve decided to create an epic list of the things we want to do in our next months, next years and live. And because its sounded so great, we just called it Epiclist!

We started a vision: Encourage people to follow their dreams, helping everyone to focus on the biggest personal goals and act on them together with goalminded people. Along the journey you´ll be able to set up actionable steps, save relevant links from the internet, get recommendations and motivation from friends and add great moments with photos. Creating epic stories of your life!

And most important: Create Social Dynamics, by connecting people together, who share same dreams, same goals and same passion, learning and collaborating with each other. The research shows, that only this would increase the achievement rate by 50 %. 

Here is some of the first desings I´ve made for the iPhone and iPad:

Dream with Epiclist - image 2 - student project

And because one of my dreams has always been to be able to create beautiful products on the web and mobile, I´m finally taking this course to apply my designs to the web and share them with the world! Looking forward to share it with you guys! 

I´m taking from now on the Front-End Basics course and will upload new content all the time! 
All feedback and ideas for improvement are more then welcome!

PS: Check out our recent video trailer for New Year Eve: Time to Move: https://vimeo.com/55933025