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Dream Tree (Quiet)

Hello everybody!

I decided to go with the "quiet" concept for my first project and ran into a bit of, ah, creative constipation. As you can see in my initial sketchbook entries below, I wanted to try and go with a quiet/scary concept:

But I soon discovered that I didn't like this direction and was, frankly, piddling around and putting out crapola. Also please excuse my sketchbook...I notice that some folks on here have nice clean lines and organization, but for me, the moment I draw a box on a page I lose all ability to be creative. 

Anyway, I let my mind wander after becoming bored with the quiet/scary thing, and ended up with this (very vague) idea that I ended up really liking (the tree with the snow falling in the box at the bottom):

So then I picked my colors and made the basics:

Then I had to do some extra drawing with the Wacom because I didn't like the way the branches looked in the sketch:

Then I played with adding textures and details until I came out with this as (what I momentarily believe to be) the finished product:

Thanks for having a look at my project and please feel free to offer hard crits!


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