Dream Team

Dream Team - student project

My initial list included artists and designers.

  • Cindy Sherman
  • Ken Barber
  • Jessica Hische
  • Louise Fili
  • Malika Favre
  • Helen Musselwhite
  • Martina Flor
  • Joel Penkman
  • Doyald Young
  • Tony DiSpignia
  • Erik Spiekermann
  • Matther Carter
  • Aaron Draplin

I narrowed it to just those most relevant to the work I am focused on right now. Lettering and illustration.

This Board is my Dream Team of Mentors if I could choose them.

Malika Favre, Martina Flor, Aaron Draplin, Doyald Young & Jessica Hische

I included their artwork because I see their work as a reflection of their personalities. And it is more inspiring to me than just their heads. 

Dream Team - image 1 - student project

Judith Mayer
Illustrator, Lettering Artist, Designer