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Dream Love

Ok, I didn't create anything earth-shattering here, but I got through it and it worked! Yay!

Here are my watercolor texture blobs:


I wanted to use the blue and green texture, but it came out so grainy. I wasn't crazy about any of them, but I also didn't want perfectionism to take over and distract me from learning, which happens. So I chose the red and orange stripe one.


And adjusted it not very much. I need some practice in this area because I wasn't totally sure what I was looking for.


I have these signs on my wall that say "dream" and "love", so I used those words in some basic typeface that I probably should name here, but I forgot to make note of it.


So I got the process down, which was the main thing. There are a lot of steps, but Teela does a great job walking through the process and breaking it down so it's understandable. 

Thank you, Teela! I'm looking forward to taking your other classes, too.


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